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I have been playing with ideas in the woodshop off and on for the past 20+ years.

Steven Garrison


I first became interested in woodworking in the early 90's and made several segmented turnings on the wood lathe.  It wasn't long before I got tired of being restricted to everything I made having a circular cross-section.  So I began using other tools and techniques to get around the restrictions of the lathe.  While all this was going on, I was also going to college and working various jobs.  After college, I moved away from my home in Arkansas to use my geology degree out in Colorado.  That lasted several years before I decided to move back closer to home.  I am back in Arkansas now and I have built my own wood shop.

My Background

I am an artist, inventor, geologist, land surveyor, and would have been a mechanical engineer if calculus hadn't whipped me.  I like to try to create things that are unique and off the beaten path.  Whenever I get a new idea, I will try to think of a way to do it in wood.  Sometimes there is no way to do what I want with the tools I have and I either have to let it go or make/modify a tool for the job.  There is often more than one way to accomplish what I want - such as with my gears.
My work has a few different categories which are engineering, mathematical, and the shells are obviously inspired by nature, but also have some math thrown in too.  Not everything I make I consider "Art", but I do have fun with it anyway.