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These Are Photos of My Latest Shells.   

11/14/2009 - I have just added my new ebook, "Wood Shells - A New Art Form" to my sale page.  This ebook gives detailed instructions on how to make very unique wood shells like the ones I have made.  They are made using a scrollsaw and/or bandsaw along with a few miscellaneous tools for shaping, sanding, etc...  I don't think that anyone who has seen the construction process would say that it is difficult, but it does take some patience.  Lots of people have asked for this so here it is! This is not just the most basic technique, it covers the modifications I have made to it over the years to include the advanced techniques used for the shells shown on this page.

Here is a comment I got in my guest book from a recent customer about my new ebook on making shells:

submitted on January 4, 2010 4:47 PM EST

Name: Denny Adams
Email Address: adamsarts@comcast.net
Web site URL:
Comments: Great stuff...I got your ebook yesterday and an working on my 3rd practice shell already. Can't stop it's addicting.
How did you hear about this site? From a wooden clock site

How To Make Helix Forms On Your Scroll Saw.

Added 3/9/2010


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Generating Gears In Wood 

(Updated 1/6/2010)


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Wood Shells - A New Art Form

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Eastern Red Cedar Shell
December 2008
Tiger Maple Shell 2008
12" x 7"

The curly maple shell pictured above is currently in the Flora and Fauna exhibit at del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles.

Go see the Flora and Fauna exhibit.

January 2008

Cedar Shell
9" Diameter

The shell pictured above is the result of a new experimental construction technique.  The wood is Eastern Red Cedar and I wasn't really expecting it to turn out looking this nice.