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My Shell sculpture "Tiger Maple Shell" has been accepted into the Flora and Fauna exhibit at Del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  The exhibit opens July 31, 2010 and will be on display through most of August.  Once the exhibit is open I will post a link to it.

See the Flora and Fauna exhibit



I have added my second ebook for sale, "Wood Shells - A New Art Form".  

October, 2009

I have signed up on Twitter and trying to learn how to use it.  Look me up and follow me.  steveg769 is my user name.



I have decided to change my email address to  Please use this address when contacting me.



All Screwed Up is now back in my possession.  It has been on display at theState Capitol for a year and a half. 


My large tiger maple shell has been accepted at del Mano gallery in Los Angeles!  They might want more pieces depending on how people respond to this first one.  I had better get busy making more.

I have updated the site with reduced resolution pictures to speed up the loading of each page onto your computer.  I've got another shell almost finished that is the largest yet at over twelve inches maximum diameter in tiger maple - looking really good.  I've got some new ideas I will be trying next right after I clean up the workshop.

The interior of my new workshop is mostly finished and ready to begin using.  Next step is to begin moving tools in and figure out where to put everything. 

My workshop building is rapidly taking shape.  Of course I would do this during the hottest part of the year.  As if the heat wasn't already bad enough, I acid-stained the floor BLACK before starting the building.  It's not so bad now that I have a roof over it and the sun doesn't heat the floor anymore.  Another month or so and I will be back to my artwork again.

I have bought a piece of property back in my old hometown of Russellville, Arkansas.  As soon as I get moved in and settled I am going to start building a workshop.  I have been without one sinse last October - and I really have missed it.  It will be larger than the last one which was actually a two-car garage.  Best of all is that it will be MINE rather than rented.  I'm excited!

My sculpture, "All Screwed Up" is on display in the Lieutenant Governors office at the Arkansas State Capitol Building in Little Rock.  Some of the artists who display their work in Rivermarket Artspace were chosen by Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter to display their work at the Capitol.  I hope it is seen by lots of people.